Literature and Hypermedia Arts, Autumn 1999
Th, 1:10-4:00 pm (or 2:10-5:00 pm).  Room: 704 or Computer Room.  Instructor: Shuen-shing Lee.
Office: 741; TEL: 04-2840322, ext, 741 or 777 ;
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    The course is intended for students looking for a basic understanding of literature and arts expressed through digital technology. To provide an introduction to hypertext literature and hypermedia arts, the course will begin with a demonstration of electronic works derived from such websites as "The Garden of Forking Paths," "Wonderfully Absurd Temple ,"  and "VISPO."   The study will explore a diversity of forms of expression embedded in electronic works by Michael Joyce, Shelley Jackson, Stuart Moulthrop, Charles Deemer, Rick Pryll, David Blair, et al.  In addition, part of the meeting time will be assigned to the construction of a research website.

    Students will be responsible for two in-class presentations, the completion of a website, and a seminar paper on a topic of his/her choosing. The final grade will be composed as follows: active participation, 20%, two presentations, 20%, website construction, 20%, final paper, 40%



1. Introduction, “The Garden of Forking Paths,” demo,

*internship provided

2. Pryll, Richard L.  "Lies"

3. Moulthrop, Stuart.  Hegirascope 2

4. Dillemuth, Jay and Alex Cory.  Holo-X

5. Moulthrop, Stuart.  Reagan Library

6. Andrews, Jim. Vispo; Waber, Dan.  "Strings"

7. Brandon

8. 曹志漣,《一九九九想像書》

9. The Neverending Tale, Muds

10. Mid-term

11.  Joyce, Michael.  Afternoon, a Story (disc).  Jackson, Shelley. Patchwork Girl (disc).  Moulthrop, Stuart.  Victory Garden.   Deemer, Charles.  The Last Song of Violeta Parra.

12.  Lynn, Vicki.  Guardians of the Millennium

13.  Blair, David.  Waxweb

14.   李順興〈數位形式美學初探:以美國網路文學為例(1990-1999)〉

15.  Landow, P. George.  Hypertext 2 (pt)

16. AArseth, J. Espen.  Cybertext (pt)

17. Review

18. Final


*Unless specified, the required readings are all available on line. 

Websites, Discs, Prints, see

*The schedule is subject to change.